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How to refinish an enamel bathtub in 8 steps  E-mail

Some baths are heavy cast iron with a vitreous enamel baked on. If the surface is chipped or damaged, do not try and repaint it. Consult the maker or a plumber for advice.
Other baths are made of iron painted with special enamel. If worn or chipped, they can be repainted with bath enamel. Special small touch up kits are available if the chipping is not too extensive.

The things that you need will are; 500ml of bath enamel, 300 grit wet and dry sandpaper, mineral turpentine, detergent, 50mm paintbrush, sponge, soft cloth and 2 tins.

1. Remove plug and any other items that are in or around your bath tub that you are going to re-enamel. 2. Sponge bath thoroughly with hot water and detergent.
3. Use the wet and dry sandpaper and clean water to rub down the bath until it is completely smooth. Rinse out the bathtub and leave to air dry.
4. Hang empty tins under the taps to avoid drips when you are painting or you can put quality rubber gloves over the spouts and secure with an elastic band.
5. Wipe over the entire bathtub surface with the mineral turpentine to remove and remaining traces of detergent. Dry with a lint free soft cloth.
6. Paint on a coat of bath enamel with a 50mm paintbrush. Make sure you are using a quality paintbrush to prevent hairs of the brush falling out in the enamel being painted on the bathtub. Apply enamel as thinly and evenly as possible.
7. Paint the bottom of the bath first, then the sides. Use long, one-way strokes to avoid runs or drips.
Paint the rim last. Leave to dry overnight with windows closed but the door left ajar. Apply a second coat the following day.
8. Allow to completely dry for 48 hours. Fill the bathtub with cold water and leave the water in the bathtub for 48 hours.

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