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How to organize your kitchen cabinets to enhance space and usability

Each week we get the groceries and seem to re-arrange jars and containers in the kitchen cabinets then move on to trying to fit all the plates and glasses into the cabinets as well. If only we planned ahead and thought about the space we needed and how we would have liked it to be set up. Well fortunately you don’t need to demolish your kitchen and start again. You can purchase different caddies to install for storing and organizing food items and there is also drawer caddies to help you out here too.

To help you get started we have outlined a few tips and ideas on where to start, how to reduce clutter in your kitchen cabinets and what is available on the market.

Firstly have a look in each cabinet and ask yourself a few questions. When did I use this last? Do I want to keep it? Is it still usable? Does it belong in the kitchen? If there is a few yes’s here don’t toss the items in the bin you can put it aside for a yard sale or even better do a good deed for the community and donate it to charity or local church group. Once you have rummaged through the cabinets don’t forget to go through your food cupboard to and check all the used by dates, there are always a few bits and pieces that are out of date and toss them aside or compost them. By now you should notice a lot less clutter already, magic!

Make some piles with your pots and pans. For pots and pans you use everyday put them in one pile and for pots and pans you rarely use but still need put them in another pile. Soup pots, steamers and electric woks seem to go in the latter pile. With these items you know that you don’t need immediate or easy access to them so they can get placed up the back of your kitchen cabinets or even up the top. The ones you use everyday are best put in an easy access area and normally put these close to the stove and cooking area.
Gather up your wine glasses, everyday glasses and coffee mugs. We are sure you have a favorite coffee mug but do you really need a dozen mugs in easy access? Stack them in the cabinet in order of what is used; the most the popular are always at the front. Do this with your glasses too. With wine and liqueur glasses you can put these in a cabinet space all of their own. Any glasses or decanters that you use for entertaining or relating to alcohol its nice to keep them in a liquor cabinet for easy access so you don’t have to rummage through other cabinets when friends arrive. If you have young children this prevents them being broken as you can lock this cabinet away from little hands.

It always depends on what space you have and the layout of your kitchen on how you organise your cabinets. If you have a large kitchen perhaps you can place a kitchen island in the middle. With this kitchen island it is possible for you to place large pots and pans underneath and install a pot rack above to hang everything from. If you don’t have room for a kitchen island you can still install a pot rack. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be lowered and raised with a simple pulley system.

Some trends that are coming up in the kitchen cabinet market are plate drawers they work similar to the cutlery drawer and can separate your plates and bowls for easy access. This is also being pushed forward with slide out pantry systems. The can be installed next to your fridge and slide out for easy access for your most common used items. Or perhaps you would like a system inside the pre-existing cabinet. This can be done with a carousel racks to spin to your needed item or you can install storage rack on the inside of the cabinet doors for sauces and the like.

There are some many ideas you can implement in your kitchen cabinets to optimize space and reduce clutter. Pop into your local hardware store or even browse the Bathroom and Kitchen Guide site for storage solutions or option on how to update your kitchen cabinets yourself and the latest trends on kitchen design.

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