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How to make repairs to a scratched porcelain coated bathtub

If you have an unsightly scratch or a few small nicks in your porcelain coated bathtub you don’t need to replace your entire bathtub. There are few different techniques you can try to repair these yourself. Porcelain bathtub repair kits are becoming more affordable and more common at your local hardware store of they can be purchased online. So before you scrap your bathtub or call a professional here are some options you can choose from.

Assess the size of the scratch and if it is small enough for you to repair it yourself. If it is small enough you will need a few things to get your little project underway. Purchase a porcelain repair kit from your hardware store they are available in wide variety of colors. Try and match the color of your bathtub to the kit and if you are not entirely sure its a perfect match go for a slightly lighter color than your bathtub as this will make the repair not stand out as much if you buy a color darker than your bathtub color.

Most porcelain bathtub repair kits will come with manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the kit. Firstly make sure you clean and dry your bathtub thoroughly and pay close attention to the area you are repairing. After you have cleaned and dried the area rub it down with some alcohol to ensure it is free from small flecks of dust or dirt. If you are unsure of where to get pure alcohol from to do this you can purchase alcohol swaps from your local chemist or pharmacy or it you have some high quality vodka this will also work too.

You should now have a completely clean and sterile to work with. Apply the porcelain paint that the kit provides to the manufacturers recommended use and allow the first coat to completely dry before you apply the second coat. If you try and apply the second coat before it dries it can lead to the paint lifting and be difficult to manipulate. You may need more than two coats to cover the scratch so repeat until you are satisfied with the result.

For scratches or chips that are large and cannot be repaired by a home porcelain repair kit, then look at having your bathtub re-enameled. This is a more affordable option then replacing the bathtub with a new porcelain bathtub. Shop around and get a few different quotes to have this done. There are DIY enamel spray kits but unless you have a well ventilated area and a steady hand this can be difficult to master. It can you leave with streaks and an unevenly coated bathtub.

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