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How to keep a bathtub clean

This may seem like a really silly question. But it is not. Many of us spend at least an hour each week scrubbing the bathtub clean. Especially those with children it seems like it is never clean! Here are some tips to help save you time and money on cleaning products.
Most tubs will get dirty faster if it has a shower attached as it is getting used multiple times a day and body grim will build up faster. Also a leaking tap will cause a stain and a ring of body grim will be left after a bath.

A few tips to help minimize these occurring are simple and easy to do.
•    Buy a bath mat that goes in the area where you stand if you have a shower attached and after each shower pull it out and hang it over the tub this will stop the mat catching the grim and leaving it to stain the tub.

•    If you have a leaking tap, fix it! Changing the washer can stop the taps leaking avoiding the marks it will cause on your tub. It’s quite easy to do and will help save gallons of water.

•    When you have a bath just before you pull the plug grab a face cloth and run it around the edge of the tub where the water level is. This will wipe away the body grim before it dries and sets to the tub.

•    Use a gentle eco-friendly cleaner such as an orange based spray and quickly spray your tub of an evening and rinse it away before your next use. This is great to do as it will stop you having to scrub and scrub and scrub at stains when you clean it thoroughly.

•    Clean your tub thoroughly once a week and it will take only a few minutes instead of hours!

•    Don’t use abrasive materials to clean your tub such as steel wool or wood bristled scrubbing brushes. This scratches the tub surface and provides a grip for body grim to hang onto and makes it stain easier. Use softer cloths and a plastic soft bristle scrubbing brush.

Powder cleansers are great too. They don’t have a potent and caustic odour making them safer for you to use. Using bicarbonate soda works well on stubborn stains, just pour on and leave overnight while covered with some plastic wrap and tiny bit of water to help lift the stain. Rinse off with vinegar and this will clean the drain as it rinses away and down the drainpipe.

With the few tips provided you should save time and money when cleaning your tub. There are many products available but sometimes the strongest are not the best.

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