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How to install double stainless steel kitchen sink

Double stainless steel kitchen sinks are great for a busy kitchen. They can accentuate the other stainless steel fittings in your kitchen and are very durable. They are also affordable and fairly easy to install yourself.

There are two forms of sink classification, under mount and over mount sinks. This is in reference to the way they sit against the counter top. An over mount sits in the hole where the sink would be and leave a lip edge over the edge. An under mount sink is fitting from underneath where the hole has been cut for the sink, leaving a flush surface with the counter top. Most stainless sinks are over mount. So to install a double stainless steel kitchen sink we are discussing the how to for an over mount kitchen sink.

Firstly make sure that the sink you are installing is the same size at the hole cut into the counter top. If you are cutting the hole yourself make sure you measure accurately. Make sure that if it is an over mount sink that you are cutting the size of the sink bowl not the sink and the over mount lip. Otherwise your hole will be too big and you will need to either buy a larger sink or replace the counter top.

A plumber should have already installed the plumbing pipes under the sink for the kitchen sink to connect to. If you haven’t already done this you should have this organized first to make sure you can have the sink in the position you want.

Under the lip of the stainless steel double kitchen sink apply some form of glue and sealant. At your local hardware store you should be able to pick up some liquid nails that are a waterproof sealant too. This is the best adhesive to use. Once you have applied this to the manufacturer’s instructions place the sink in the hole that has been cut and wipe away any excess sealant that oozes out with a soft damp cloth. When you have placed the sink in the hole it should line up with the pipes underneath. Wait until the sealant sets before you connect the drain pipes.

Your sink should have a drain that needs to be fitted. This would normally come with installation instructions when you purchased it. If it is a standard drain you need to place the drain in the sink bowl so the lip seals the edge and holds in place. Underneath the sink you will need to get your pipes ready by attaching the base of the drain over. This would normally screw into place. You can place some sealant in the sink bowl where the drain fit but you will find that the drain fixtures will come with washers and very tight seals so you will not need to do this.

Use some plumbers tape on the joins of the pipes. Wrap this around any areas that need to screw onto another as it helps provide a water tight seal. Screw the base onto the sink and have the pipes in alignment underneath. You can loosely screw these together and tighten them up later. Attach the drain piping underneath and tighten this with a wrench first. Then follow the pipes down and tighten the other pipes with the wrench. Once you have all the connections secured you can now turn on the water main for the house.

Run a little water through your sink and keep a close eye that it hasn’t leaked under the sink. Now you should have a new double stainless steel kitchen sink.

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