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How to install a new bathtub
Installing a bathtub is a large project to take on. Make sure you have the time and patience to do this. The level of skill needed for this project greatly depends on the style of bathtub you are installing. Something that is fixed and tiled to the wall or corner is more difficult than a freestanding foot bath. Before remove your old tub, make sure you turn the water main off.

You will need a few tools to get your project under way. These are tools such as a level, measuring tape, plumbers tape, plumber’s wrench and safety equipment such as goggles.

When you remove your old tub it is best to choose a similar style or shaped bathtub to replace the old one. This ensures that there is no extra framing or alterations needed for the original water supply and bathroom structure.

Grab a friend to help you lift the bath into position and use some shims (small pieces of wood) to keep the bath in a level position. Use your level to check it’s perfect. There should be some existing support boards under the rim of the bath to help support the weight of the tub.

You may need to cut the drainpipe to make it fit but all the existing plumbing should still be present from the old tub you removed. It needs to be reconnected. When you are connecting the fittings use some plumbers tapes on the grooves where you screw on the new tub it helps ensures it will have a water tight seal.

Once you have connected it up turn the water main on and test the bathtub. Check for any leaks. Depending on building regulations you may need to have this inspected by building professionals.

So now you have a new bathtub. Replace any faucets fittings you need to replace and then you can seal the edges of your tub. If it is surrounded in tiles make sure you seal or caulk the area diligently so no overflowing water can leak into the wall or floor.

The next step is to fill it up with some bubble bath grab a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

*If you are installing a new bath tub that is different from the existing and you have to alter the plumbing, you must use a qualified plumber to do this due to building and plumbing regulation laws.

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