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How to finish ceramic tiles along a bathtub in a few simple steps.

When working with ceramic tiles in the bathroom or other areas of the home that get wet a lot it is important to seal and finish these areas correctly to save replacing not only the tiles but even walls and floor later.

Tiles are normally laid and the gaps are sealed with grout. It is important to take this a step further to make sure the area is water tight.

You can pay extra attention to making the area ultra water tight for all tiling in the bathroom or not. But you should definitely do it around the bathtub as this is where water will lay and seep into any gap or crevasse that is there. Of course ceramic tiles and grout are quite protective but after time water will seep in. Around your bathtub where it meets the tub is an area you should pay the extra attention to. Grout does not seal as well to smooth areas as it does porous areas.

Have a look at your tile before you lay them, noticed the edges where it will meet the grout is rough making it porous so it makes a strong bond with the grout, now the area the tiles will meet the bathtub edges you have one non-porous surface and a porous.

Use a sealant. There should be a tiny lip on the tub that can hide the area it will meet with the tiles. When you have your tiles laid run a sealant along this edge. You can pick up a variety or sealants at your local hardware store. They come in a range of colors and tints and for different areas. They also come with a cone tip making it easier to apply.

Dry the area thoroughly before you apply and then apply the sealant in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe away any excess before it sets and let it dry before you start splashing around.

There are also sealants to apply underneath the area you are going to tile. In some areas this is a compulsory regulation for bathrooms but it will also save you a lot of money in the future. When you apply this give it the most level surface you can and allow for the extra height it will give to your tiling height as 3mm will be noticeably in the end result. Your local hardware or tiling store will recommend the best for you.

By now you should have finished the tiling around the bathtub and ready for a test splish, splash!

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