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Japanese Soaking Bathtubs


A Japanese soaking bathtub is the perfect option when looking to ease our mind and body. This type of bathtub was designed to allow a total immersion of the bather’s body. It has been built after a traditional Japanese bathtub design and allows the bather to completely cover his entire body in water, thus allowing for a better blood circulation and muscle relaxation. However, such baths are not for people who are on a too tight budget because even the simplest model of Japanese soaking bathtub is likely to cost several thousands dollars.

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The price will depend on the size and materials you want for your Japanese soaking bathtub. A Japanese soaking bathtub is well worth your investment. Also, there is a wide range of options when looking for a specific depth for your Japanese soaking bathtub. Even if most of them are likely to be a little deeper that the traditional and Western styles, you can go for a Japanese soaking bathtub that is customized in order to accommodate your height.


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For instance, such soak tubs can range from 23 to 32 inches deep but you can have one that is designed to be deeper or more shallow – this case, you will have to pay an additional amount of money in order to have these features customized. Additional features can also be added to a Japanese soak tub in order to have its productivity increased and make your bathing experience more comfortable. For instance, jets can be added in order to help you relax your muscles. Also, you can go for foot, arm rests and built-in seats in order to feel more comfortable in your soak bathtub.


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Lids and thermostats can also be added in order to get the wanted temperature level and keep your bath water warm for later use. Additionally, you can have your Japanese soaking bathtub created out of materials you like. The less traditional models are usually made of tile, stone or fiberglass but you can also go for acrylic or wood. Keep in mind that the more expensive your material is, the more money your Japanese soaking bathtub will cost. In earlier times, such Japanese soak bathtubs were constructed from Hinoki wood. Nowadays, they are made from both natural and synthetic materials.

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