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Innovative Design Ideas for Contemporary Bathtubs

Modern tubs are available in such a wide variety of shapes and designs, that choosing the most suitable one is a challenge. Either we’re talking about standard tubs, bathtubs or other cabins, certain aspects must be set, such as the available budget, allocated space, color, material, shape, etc.

Wood may seem like an odd choice for bath tubs, but this particular Hinoki model, made from Cypress wood and perfectly round shaped comes to argue this sentence. Great for people for whom space is a problem, but still want to obtain a chic, fashionable design.

Tubs can be made of iron, steel, enameled tin, plastic, fiberglass, acrylic, or even Wood. For choosing the most suitable material, other factors such as strength, comfort, durability, maintenance or cleaning installation should be taken into account.


The egg-shaped Illusion acrylic bathtub from Calyx will make a bold statement in your bathroom. Its gentle curves and minimalist design will give a sense of comfort with a touch of style.


Plastic, fiberglass or acrylic tubs have a high degree of design flexibility and can be molded into different shapes. Water is kept at the desired temperature for a longer period of time. Installation, transportation and handling is easy, thanks to their low weight. These positive aspects also imply a growth of the acquisition price compared to those made of metallic materials. Another negative aspect is their maintenance, as they are easily damaged by abrasive cleaning. In this category, acrylic tubs are more expensive, but are also the most durable, easily to maintain and repaired.


What do Angelina Jolie and this bathtub have in common, besides the name? They booth look stunning in red! The clear red bathtub by Regia, made entirely from glass, makes a bold statement in any modern bathroom.

In terms of cost, steel tubs, covered with thin layers of porcelain email are the ideal choice. But the low cost also implies a number of negative aspects, such as the fact that water cools quickly, the surface is scratched or chipped easily, the high weight leads to heavy mounting and painful installation.



Vov' - Another beautiful, egg-shaped, plain-white bathtub - by Mastella. 

Cast iron tubs are also enamelled and unlike those of steel are more durable and resistant to impact. There are at least as difficult to install and assemble, but have another advantage: after heating the material temperature remains constant for a while longer.


This unique triangle-shaped bathtub made from natural stone combines art with nature in the most fortunate way, making it the center piece in a stylish, personalized bathroom. By I Conci.

If appearance is the most important aspect when purchasing a bath, then polymers are recommended. These are aesthetics copies of marble, granite or stainless steel and are available in a wide range of colours. These are very expensive and have very little validity. The special polymer gel that covers it exfoliates in time, damaging the basis material. Manufacturers do not offer high guarantees, as they crack quite easily and quickly.



Combining geometrical square and curved shapes, the white Ceramica Flaminia Leggera bathtub fits perfectly in a medium-sized modern bathroom. Its shower pole will give you a unique sensation of "shower-bath" for the early mornings when you just need  quick, fresh start-up.

Specialists in the field combine different materials in an attempt to achieve a model that meets only the positive aspects of these types. It seems that now is the most representative performance of a tub with porcelain enameled steel that weighs half the weight of iron, and in addition, keeps its benefits.


Made of durable resin, the 'Elegance' tub from THG combines the classic luxury and glamour of the Renaissance with all the modern day facilities: hydroteraphy systems, headrests and lighting panels.

Besides the material, we also have to mention the form tubs can take. Besides rectangular shapes, square, round or traditional models, they increasingly adopt innovative models, such as shell shapes, hearts, etc.  Another important aspect regarding the tubs is the presence of accessories. Special bearings for accessibility, storage and functionality are already commonplace. Fashion is hydromassage or even TV incorporated in the bathtub.


Ceramica Flaminia Leggera


I Conci









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