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Advice on How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

For the contemporary man, the spa gains more and more terrain against a normal bathroom, because daily life is becoming more stressful and so a way of total relaxation is needed. An ordinary bathroom can be easily turned into a relaxation oasis which is the spa.

Choose pale, relaxing tones for the walls

You need to paint the bathroom walls in a color palette which is relaxing for the eyes and will represent the basis of a harmonious environment. If you don’t want to take risks, choose white – it will give a small bathroom the impression of space and give you the opportunity to "play" as you wish with the accessories.



Alternatives to the universal white are tones of brown and beige - "Cocoa", "coffee with milk", etc. Complete them with small green or blue accents to ensure the space a dose of energy and vitality.

Opt for stylish furniture



The next step is to choose the furniture and bathroom accessories. If you want to renovate from scratch, then choose pieces of furniture in trend, in accordance to the desired. You can head to a spa with Parisian influences or you could choose a more exotic design.

Whichever the option, the facilities the furniture offers are very important when it comes to relaxation. Depending on your budget, you can choose various options: sauna, massage, jacuzzi, etc. No matter the price, every piece bought must be elegant and stylish as simplicity is what sets the tone in a spa, which is meant to offer you comfort and relaxation.




One of he most important elements for a successful spa is the bathtub, the way in which, water penetrates the tub through access holes and massages the body. An air-jetted whirlpool is obviously the best choice. An air-jetted tub produces delicate, champagne-like bubbles by suppressing air into a high-pressure stream of water. You will fully experience a comforting spa  if you add some sea salts, bath oils or bubbles.  

Play with accessories

Complete the main elements with wooden furniture: a closet to put the towels and shelves for the care products. In order to give yourself a spa session in the comfort of your home, there is a wide variety of products which you can purchase, ranging from facial scrub, aromatherapy, re-sculpting treatments, thalassotherapy, oil massage and more. Store all your products in wood or metal baskets, which will immediately blend in among the other items.



White is used in most spas, but you can also choose blue, turquoise or brown when it comes to robes, towels and slippers. To add more comfort put a soft carpet on the floor, which you greet you in your new bathroom.



Complete the bathroom design with several scented candles of various sizes. Put them everywhere, so that their light surrounds you while you dive into the sit on the floor water. Some flower petals in the tub and a series of strategically placed decorative shells will successfully conclude the process of planning your bathroom.


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