4 Choices of Contemporary Bathtub Designs


Contemporary bathtub designs are to be considered when planning to remodel your bathroom space in order to get a really spectacular interior change. You may have your choice among plenty of bathtub designs that are already available on the current market. Investing in a contemporary bathtub is to be considered especially if you are interested to enjoy improved features and profound relaxation your old bathtub cannot provide.

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Remember that integrating a contemporary bathtub into your bathrooms doesn’t have to cost a fortune – on the contrary, with some perseverance and patience, you can choose a contemporary bathtub that offers the best benefits and value for the money you are planning to spend on it. Here are some of the main options you should consider when looking for a contemporary bathtub:


  • Pedestal bathtubs – these tubs are designed with a pedestal tub that is mounted right on a base, unlike other bathtub designs that come with a claw pedestal. The tub that is used in the case of a pedestal bathtub is much deeper when compared to a conventional kind of tub. Actually, the design of the pedestal bathtub is similar to a pool design that has its tub extending past its base flat surface. Pedestal bathtubs come with built-in and short steps the bather uses in or to climb in. This type of contemporary bathtub is ideal for smaller bathrooms mainly because it has a much deeper bathing interiors and its length is likely to be shorter when compared to other traditional bathtubs.
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  • Jetted bathtubs – they come with jetted tubs, suction fittings, pipes, water jets and electrical pumps. The pump is designed to circulate all the necessary water to the bathtub jets. The propelling and venting motions in the bathtub jets will make water come out at higher speed and velocity thus providing the massaging action. Such a massaging action improves circulation, ease stress and relieve body soreness.
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  • Japanese soaking bathtubs – such bathtubs are designed to allow the bather to soak his entire body right up to his neck. But, unlike other traditional bathtubs, the Japanese soaking bathtubs will require the bather to sit while taking his bath. The relaxing experience can be enhanced by watching a television, catching up with your current reading or sipping a favorite wine.


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  • Air bathtubs – they are rather different from other water jetted variety. The main difference lies right in the kind of force that is used in order to push all the necessary bath water. Air is used in order to move all the bath water thus causing a soothing and gentle massaging action. In order to enhance this relaxing experience, you can use some salts, gels or aromatic oil in your bath water without having to worry about a possible clogging of the system.
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