Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities - Space Saving and Eye-Appealing

Bathroom vanities are elegant and beautiful utility pieces that can improve any bathroom theme. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles. Also, they are either designed to be mounted on bathroom walls or planted right on the bathroom floor. Amongst various designs available on the current market, wall mount vanities are likely to be the most functional and space saving mainly because they can be hung off right on the bathroom wall. This way, they do not occupy any floor space thereby providing the illusion of having a much larger and open bathroom space.


George Kovacs

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity by Qin

Wall mount vanities come in modular designs that can look really contemporary and sleek. When looking to purchase a wall mount bathroom vanity, you can choose between antique, traditional and modern designs. Modern designs seem to be the most popular ones mainly because they are both useful and stylish. Also, they are the most likely to suite an existing bathroom décor. Here are the main aspects to be considered when looking for the right wall mount bathroom vanity. First, you will have to consider the design you want to have for your wall mount vanity.


George Kovacs

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity by Sonia

Obviously, you will be interested to add luxury and beauty to your bathroom space – so, you will have to choose a design that suits the theme of your bathroom. You will have to be pretty constituent when it comes to purchasing a wall mount bathroom vanity. The color of the wall mount vanity is another important aspect and you should choose a color that can easily blend with the rest of the colors from your bathroom space. Remember that you have to choose a color that comes from the same shades – for instance, if your bathroom walls are white, you should go for a wall mount vanity with gray, beige or white colors in it.


George Kovacs

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity by Pedini

The quality of the wall mount bathroom vanity is also important – so, you will have to look for a durable kind of wall mount vanity as this item will be hanging on its weight. Make sure that you do not waste money in purchasing a wall mount vanity which is good-looking and expensive but it’s not designed to last. Many wall mount vanities cater to a relaxing or very simplistic feel for their user and this is to be regarded as a great feature when it comes to your bathroom space. Remember that reducing clutter in your bathroom space is a great task since you are very likely to keep linens, many appliances and even most of your personal items here.

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