Top Benefits of Glass Bathroom Vanities

Contemporary bathroom vanities are quite popular with homeowners mainly because they are designed to be easily accepted – they are clean and simple and can provide every bathroom space with a new hint of elegance without having to spend a fortune to achieve this result. Contemporary bathroom vanities come with no complicated patterns or loud colors – instead, they are kept quite simple and they are also easy to maintain and clean.

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Outlet Glass Single Sink Vanity DLBG-101: 35 3/8" x 20 1/2", Bathroom Glass Vanities

For instance, a contemporary bathroom vanity doesn’t need to be polished on a regular basis – all you will have to do is to clean its surface by using some washing liquids in order to maintain its tip top condition for the years to come. Usually, these vanities are made from stone, glass or clay. The ones made from glass tend to be a little more expensive when compared to other vanity materials but they also look more elegant and classy. You may go for contemporary double or single vanities, according to your own needs – a double one will cost more than a single vanity.


Dreamline Bathroom Vanity - Modern Vanity, Bathroom Sink DLVG-2061: W 59" x H 27 3/4" x D 19 5/8", Bathroom Glass Vanities

However, if you have enough space and you are planning to use your vanity together with another person, you should go for a contemporary double vanity. If you are a true fan of contemporary bathroom design, you should definitely go for glass vanities in order to upgrade the way your bathroom space looks. Such contemporary glass vanities are sleek, eye-catching and they can also provide you with extra functionality in your bathroom.

Contemporary and stylish glass vanities are easy to integrate into your bathroom especially if you already have a modern interior design in this particular space. Besides being extremely elegant, a glass bathroom vanity is more durable that you would expect. Whichever glass vanity design you decide on, you should make sure that you choose an item that can easily become the right centerpiece in your bathroom space. The greatest thing about such contemporary glass vanities is the fact that they are not too expensive and you can have this beautiful and chic addition without having to spend a fortune.


Single Sink Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom Remodeling LUX-S-49 : W 31 1/2" x D 21 3/4" x H 36",Bathroom Glass Vanities

Glass is a quite durable material and a glass vanity is going to last for years – however, you must install the glass vanity with extreme care. For instance, when trying to install your glass vanity, you must prevent yourself from pushing it too hard. Also, you must avoid dropping it because it may crack and break. However, once you have your contemporary glass vanity installed in your bathroom, it will be a really durable choice that is going to last for a longer period of time as long as you avoid dropping remarkably heavy items on it.


DreamLine Vanity - Glass Bathroom Vanity with optional vessel sink DLVG-1002-FR: W 35 3/8" x H 20 3/8" x D 20 1/2", Bathroom Glass Vanities

Besides being durable, contemporary glass vanities come with another important advantage – they are completely waterproof. Also, they are easy to clean and nothing is going to make your bathroom space sparkle more than your glass vanity – its original luster and shine can be maintained once you upkeep on your own part and clean it on a regular basis.



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