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Teak Bathroom Vanities: Minimal yet Elegant
Teak bathroom vanities offer a really up-to-date appearance to every bathroom and they are becoming more and more popular among homeowners mainly because teak is material that can complement the bolder bathroom accents and paint colors. For instance, blending stone and teak can offer a really extraordinary effect especially if you have a large bathroom.

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Solid Stone & Teak Vanity, Max Vanities

Since teak is a neutral and pure material, you can accessorize it however you please in order to bring a contemporary look for your bathroom. Keep in mind that any bathroom vanity you choose should have clean lines, minimalist design, utilitarian features and also must save space. For instance, brassy designs and excessively flowery models are to be regarded as a phenomenon belonging to the past as contemporary bathroom vanities have a more advanced look that can let the organic materials stand out and radiate.


bathroom cabinet
Solid Stone & Teak Vanity w/ Bath Cabinet, Max Vanities
A teak bathroom vanity comes with counter tops that are constructed from various materials. Also, they have cabinet doors unless they come with open shelving instead of the common drawers and cabinetwork. For instance, teak bathroom vanities that encompass quality granite counter tops and glass for their paneled doors may provide your bathroom with a contemporary look. Remember that utilitarianism and minimalism are the key factors when it comes to updating your bathroom furniture and you must make sure that your teak vanity is not larger than it should be.

bathroom cabinet

Teak Vanity, Max Vanities

For instance, bathroom vanities are supposed to be prominent enough in order to store all your bathroom items. You aren’t likely to want to clutter your bathroom space by using too many or too larger vanities in it. Stay away from over-sized vanities as they can only add extra clutter to your bathroom space. In order to choose the right teak vanity for your bathroom, you should calculate the space you will need for it and also decide how much spare space you want. With these criteria in mind, you should start looking for your teak bathroom vanity.        

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Teak Single Bathroom Vanity,  Max Vanities
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