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Asian Bathroom Vanities

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom space any time soon, you should consider the beauty and elegance of Asian inspired vanities. There are 2 main steps to be followed when looking for the right Asian bathroom vanity. First, you will have to decide the exact base you want to use for this type of bathroom vanity. Details such as length, width, height, types and number of doors and drawers are to be considered as well.


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Asian Bathroom Vanity by Aquavanti


Once you have chosen the base, you will have to choose a bathroom countertop that matches your Asian base. Quality and good materials for your Asian inspired vanity include ceramic, granite and marble. If you go for a freestanding Asian bathroom vanity, you will be allowed more adventure when compared to selecting a built-in vanity. In the case of freestanding Asian vanities, you will have more varieties from which you can choose – just make sure that you know right from the beginning how this piece will look when in its finished form and installed in your bathroom.


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Asian inspired Bathroom Vanity by Julien


Asian bathroom vanities come with several pros and cons. For instance, when it comes to such a bathroom vanity, a freestanding one is likely to be less work intensive when compared to its built-in counterpart. Also, you should consider hiring a professional when planning to install such a vanity especially if you have serious doubts about your skills and ability to take proper care of the installation process.    


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Asian Bathroom Vanity by Vanity Flair



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