4 Stylish Sears Bathroom Vanities


Choosing the right bathroom vanity plays a key role for the feel and look of this space. If you are interested to provide your bathroom space with lasting quality but without having to spend a fortune in order to achieve this, you should go for Sears’s bathroom vanities as they come with great prices and genuine workmanship. The main advantage of going for such bathroom vanities is that they are designed to have a wide range of cabinets that come with different finishes including veneer, metal or wood.



Beauty Line Country Maple 42'' Bathroom Vanity, Sears

Various sizes and shapes can be chosen in order to have these vanities fit in your bathroom space. By choosing Sears bathroom vanities, you will make sure that your bathroom space will not be overcrowded. Also, you will be provided with the necessary storage space. Such vanities come from a reliable and really trusted brand that is focused on adding value to people’s homes. Here are some of the most popular types of Sears’s bathroom vanities in order for you to choose the one that best fits your bathroom design.


Dayton™ Cultured Marble Vanity Top, Sears

First, there is the so-called Tuscany style – if your bathroom is an old styled one, you should definitely go for this type of bathroom vanity. Tuscany bathroom vanity comes with 2 doors that are usually engraved with wood surfaces. Tuscany bathroom vanity is sold assembled and you should check out its lighter-wood 28 inch model if you are interested to provide your bathroom space with a bolder look. This type of bathroom vanity comes with matching mirrors, porcelain sink and black granite top.


'Tuscany' 2-Door Vanity Cabinet, Sears

Another stylish model is Stufurhome ' Augustine' single basin – this vanity comes with a marble countertop. This type of bathroom vanity looks as a really well-preserved antique. Its wood finishes come with small metal rings that are used as drawer handles. Stufurhome ' Augustine' single basin has 5 spacious drawers that can be used in order to store towels and other useful bathroom necessities thus keeping your bathroom pace uncluttered and neat. Its basin comes in a magnificent ivory ceramic.

Alexandria bathroom vanities doubles is another range belonging to this manufacturer. Its design is truly elegant and comes with carved patterns of leaves and flowers right on the legs and top edge of the vanity. This model is to be considered especially if you have an antique looking bathroom space. Its finish is made of distressed antique ivory that provides an old-world charm to ant bathroom. The whole unit comes with a column of smaller drawers that are located right in its center and two larger cupboards.


'Bellini' Vanity Cabinet, Sears


  1. In order to highlight the genuine beauty of your Sears’s bathroom vanity, you should purchase the shower curtains only after you have your vanity installed in order to come up with a really good match.
  2. Also, you should keep in mind that you will have to buy the necessary faucets because these vanities don’t come with them included.





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