Stone Tiles: Bringing Nature into Your Bathroom


Ever walked in your bathroom wondering when did one of the most fancy places in the house become so ordinary? Or maybe it never was fancy and you finally decided to give it the attention it deserves? Either way, remodeling may not be a very easy task, especially if you don't know where to start.

If you want our opinion, we'd say that you can easily achieve a dramatic makeover of your bathroom just by choosing the right tile. If you're a novice at this you should probably read our "What to look for when selecting a bathroom tile" article first.

Natural Stone Tiles

There is a wide range of tile materials from which to choose, but if you love nature and want to surround yourself with a natural feel, then the stone tiles' inherent properties make them the perfect match for your bathroom's renovation. The natural materials help create a connection with the outside world, bringing energy, wellness and pure beauty into your home.

When opting for natural stone tiles keep in mind that no two tiles will be the same, and while this adds to the beauty of having a natural bathroom, it also means that extra care is required when laying them, like sealing the surface of the tiles. There is a great variety of stone tiles, each with their own attributes, as you can check out below.

Types of Stone


Slate Tile


Slate is one of the most affordable stone options (usually between $8 and $15 per square foot). Its permanence and resistance makes it the perfect choice for flooring and its rugged appearance gives it a distinct look.

Its main advantage is that is very easy to clean, and with a little maintenance you can make it almost completely impervious to stains. Because slate looks rustic naturally, some people prefer not to seal it, which allows the slate to age naturally and prevents staining. Different colors for slate include browns, greens and purples, sea greens and grays.






Marble often has dramatic veining characteristics, like squiggly and winding veins, as seen in the photo on the left, from the Ann Sacks Aria line.

Both photos feature light, polished marble, but marble is also available in mosaics or a bevelled edge finish.

You can opt for beige and cappuccino hues for a feeling of warmth, or give your bathroom a fresh feel with a twist of ancient Roman luxury with light grey and silver highlights. Regardless of the pattern you eventually choose it will surely encapsulate the true splendor of this timeless natural product.





Travertine is a light and colored stone created by shifts in the earth's crust that permits steam under extremely high pressure to mix with dissolved limestone. Its color palette ranges from beige to chocolate. Travertine tiles come in various designs, formats and textures and they are very easy to maintain, with just mild detergent and a soft sponge.

It can be used both on floors and internal walls and its price is between $18 and $38 per square meter.








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