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'Glow in the Dark' Tiles for Your Bathroom


  Ever dreamed about recreating that atmosphere from "1001 Nights" in your own bathroom? The so called "Glow in the Dark" tiles are the new hot trend that will do just that! The phosphorescent lights placed on the walls and on the floors will surround you from all sides creating a state of total peace and relaxation as well as setting the scenery for a romantic evening.

LED Lights mounted in tile boards

 The above picture features 'Glow in the Dark' ceramic plates and tiles carefully arranged after a predefined pattern. The advantage of side lighting tiles consists in their very small thickness, of only 10 mm, comparable to the thickness of boards or ceramic tiles. It is very easy to apply them on walls because they are provided with adhesive on the back. Also they can be glued with silicone. Using light tiles in any wet environment is very safe because the tile is completely submerged (water does not penetrate inside).



 This model features cut floor tiles in which there were mounted special constructed light tiles shaped in the form of leaves and lizards.


 The tiles shown above are multicolored, the lighting control being made by an intelligent unit of command and control.



 Glowstone is a synthetic aggregate, based on pigments and synthetic resin that glows in the dark when exposed to light sources. This aggregate is especially composed of non-shrinking, extremely hard polyester for use in Concrete, Pavers and Terrazzo products as an exposed aggregate. During daylight, the Glowstone has an off-white color and can be supplied in after-glow colors of yellow, green, aqua blue and sky blue. Glowstone looks and acts like quartz, yet is able to produce that special glow in the night-time effect.


Suppliers for "Glow in the Dark' Pigments and Tiles:

Everluminous Products Co., Ltd.


Shandong Grand Nite-glow Technology Co Ltd


Cool Tiles

Elso Graphics


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