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Why You Should Choose A Corner Bathroom Sink


The bathroom sink is a place that we spend a lot of time at – cleaning teeth, washing hands, pampering ourselves. This is why choosing the right kind of sink is important when creating or remodeling your bathroom. Whether you are looking to save space, change the shape of the bathroom or create a unique look, a corner bathroom sink might just be the answer.

Saving space

Having a small or oddly-shaped bathroom does not necessarily have to be a curse when choosing your fittings and accessories. A corner sink will dramatically change the use of space in your bathroom by opening up areas that would usually be taken by traditional four-cornered vanities. The triangular shape of the corner sink fits into any bathroom; and if stylish fixtures are chosen, the end result can be a unique and attractive solution to a lack of space.

Corner bathroom sink

A wall-mounted corner sink can be a practical option in a small bathroom


You may have to deal with less counter-top space if a corner sink is chosen, however this obstacle can be solved in a number of ways. Wall fixtures for toothbrushes, soap and other items can be affixed to the wall above the sink. You could also utilize the space underneath the sink with a cabinet, shelf or other storage ideas.

Modern houses often have spacious and well-proportioned rooms; however the corner sink may still prove to be a useful item. When incorporating other amenities such as a spa bath, the utilization of space is important. You may perhaps want to opt for two corner sinks as opposed to one large, double sink vanity.


When choosing your new bathroom sink you need to think about how it can suit the rest of your bathroom. You may have existing cabinets, countertops, fixtures and accessories that you want your sink’s style to emulate.

There are bucket-loads of materials you can choose from including porcelain, glass, granite, copper and stainless steel. Vitreous china is a popular and traditional material offered by most manufacturers that will stand the test of time.

Vintage Tub corner sink

An example of a vitreous china corner sink by Vintage Tub and Bath


Corner sinks come in three basic varieties – pedestal, wall-hanging or cabinet. Pedestal and wall-hanging units are best for truly small spaces as the lack of cabinet area creates a sense of openness. These styles will enhance a minimalistic and modern décor in the bathroom. A corner vanity with cabinet will of course give you much needed cupboard space, but may detract from the feeling of openness in the room.

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