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Space Saving Sinks For The Bathroom


Large and spacious bathrooms are the current trend being set by many home-owners. However, not all home-owners have the same luxury. If you live in a house or apartment with a small bathroom, it may be in your interest to invest in scaled-down fixtures and products in order to utilize the most space available. Bathroom sinks are one of the most used fixtures in the home, so it is important to choose the right sink for you and the size of your bathroom without compromising practicality. For those people with en-suites and secondary bathrooms or water closets which are smaller in size than average, mini sinks are a common-sense solution to fitting the space with the fixtures needed.

Size matters

Choosing smaller fixtures in a bathroom creates the illusion of space as it makes the rest of the room look larger in comparison. This fact is as true of bathroom sinks as with showers, tubs and cupboards. This tip should be remembered when renting an apartment or house when you don’t have the option of knocking down walls or manipulating layout to create more space.





Small or mini-sized sinks are readily available from most bathroom manufacturers. You have many options to choose from such as this fantastic wooden design from Italian company Agape.

There are a plethora of colors, shapes and patterns available in small bathroom sinks. Many manufacturers make replicas of other regular sized models so that renovators can pick and choose fixtures according to their needs.

Like regular-sized sinks, there are a variety of materials which can be used. Glass is a trendy option which you can read more about in “Glass is All Class – Glass Bathroom Sink Tips”.

De Rose


This simple but elegant basin from De Rose is made from tempered glass.


Small sinks come in three main formats – pedestal, wall-hung and corner sinks. Each of these formats can add a lot of space to your bathroom and they are purposely built for space-saving. Wall-hung varieties can look great and save space, but be wary that you may be losing valuable storage space usually provided by vanity cupboards. For some great corner-sink ideas check out this helpful article called “Why You Should Choose A Corner Bathroom Sink”.


Cheviot has created a number of classic-looking mini sinks such as this Mayfair Pedestal Sink.

Pedestal sinks come in a variety of styles – take a look at “Pedestal Sink Ideas For Your Bathroom” for tips.


The position of the faucet and taps are important when installing your sink. Since you are choosing a smaller-sized sink, there may be less room in depth and diameter for washing your hands in the basin. Putting the faucet in the corner will ensure you are allowing the greatest possible space for this. It is also possible to place the faucets and taps so that they protrude from the wall above the sink – this is practical and also adds to the unique look of the sink.

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