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Pedestal Sink Ideas For Your Bathroom

If you are thinking about changing the look of your bathroom, renovating your bathroom or building your bathroom from scratch, sink choice is an important part of your decision making. The bathroom sink is a central hub for all family members, couples or singles living in a house or apartment. Pedestal sinks are one of the most common sink types as they are easy to install, space saving and practical.

You must consider what you would like from your sink when deciding what kind of sink you need. For example, in a smaller bathroom with little space for a full sized vanity, you could opt for a pedestal sink which can take up no more room than a salad serving bowl used in the kitchen!




This MOD pedestal sink by VitrA is an example of unique color and style use in the bathroom.


Pedestal sinks are useful for people seeking to make a unique look with some of the new materials and styles available in bathroom renovation stores. For those with an eye for classic looks, there are stylish and traditional options when choosing your pedestal sink. Porcelain is a popular material to use for this look as it creates a clean, white finish which suits almost any bathroom and time period.


Stone Forest pedestal


This Stone Forest Infinity Pedestal Sink is made from multi-colored onyx

Don’t limit yourself to conventional shapes if you don’t want to. There are square or rectangular shapes, semi-circle or other creative designs to choose from. Materials available include porcelain, stone, glass, metal and more. Do some research and see what suits your existing bathroom or what appeals to you aesthetically.




Stonell has created this Vaselli Slim Travertine Pedestal Sink which would add style to any modern bathroom
The average size of a basin ranges from 50 to 65 centimeters which is great for space saving. Believe it or not, you do not want to go any wider than this as it may make the pedestal look clunky and awkward. Remember that you need reasonable depth in the sink no matter what kind of style you choose, and the use of other features if needed. For example it is possible to source basins with built in soap dishes or toothbrush holders.



American Standard has many traditional models such as this Heritage Pedestal Sink


Pedestal sinks must be firmly attached to the wall. The pedestal or column supports the basin itself while also serving to conceal the ugly plumbing pipes.
Like installation of all bathroom fixtures, you need to do your research and have some knowledge of plumbing in order to do it yourself. Otherwise a professional can fit the sink for you.

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