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6 Inspirational Decorated Sinks and Toilets Seats

Sinks, toilets and accessories with decorated and textured surfaces set the trend in 2010!


The usage of decorated products gives style and elegance to any bathroom and creates a perfect harmony with the other rooms in the house. The new trend in interior bathroom design is to fully customize your bathroom and transform it into a beautiful, welcoming place that makes you feel special. Designers have outdone themselves this past year, creating some truly remarkable products with beautiful flower patterns or exotic, African and Asian inspired patterns. 

The bathroom sink  is one of the objects that can become true works of art, through the wide range of materials from which it can be made but mostly by its design and accessories.

Check out these hot trends - surely you'll find something of your liking!






This new design from Kohler was inspired by 18th-century dinner set created for Catherine the Great. Its main element, the prairie flowers, are filled with prose from Aldo Leopold, one of the early leaders of the American wilderness preservation movement. The china porcelain is framed with Polished Gold accents. The matching accessories will complete this belle-Victorian feel.








Fables & Flowers, another splendid design by Kohler brings the 17th-century English botanical garden sense in your bathroom. Bunches of tulips of red, pink and white on a pure, white background spreaded all over the sink and accessories.








Kohler's Crimson Topaz floral design was inspired by 18th-century European botanical drawings, and features red passion flowers woven with green leaves and vines in shades on a bright background. The sink's rectangular shape is a distinctive note.








With its bright and subtle floral design, the English Trellis honors the legacy of English chintz patterns. Textures are applied not only on the sink, but also on the bottom on the toilet and bidet for a complete ensemble.













This beautiful ceramic sink painted with while and shades of blue flowers is available from Terra Artesana. Matching accessories include soap dish for shower, toothbrush/tumbler holder, towel hook, towel holder and toilet tissue holder.




















Blue is the color of the ocean and of the sky and is known to bring peace and tranquility. Discover the discrete blue and white patterns from the painted ceramic Acapulco Talavera toilet set from Tierra y Fuego. Sure to set a distinctive and serene tone to the modern bathroom.



Tierra y Fuego

Terra Artesana


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