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7 Inspiring Bath Accessory Sets

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and balance with the right bathroom accessories. You’ll see, difference lies in the details! It is the simple details like curtains, towels, or tumblers that complement your bathroom and give this room a personal touch. Create your own spa-like look and feel, whether you want to prepare for a peaceful or romantic night or to recharge your batteries after a long, tiring day.

Each type of personality is sure to find itself reflected in one of the many collections of bathroom set accessories that designers have imagined so far.


Asian Inspiration 


asian set


Create a ZEN atmosphere with this sophisticated black & white set whose pieces are hand-painted with the Japanese symbols of happiness, love, tranquility and wisdom. A bathroom equipped with such accessories will definitely improve your karma! The set costs $9.99 and for an extra $39.99 you can get the matching Asian-inspired shower curtain.


Basketweave-Silver Bath Accessories by Avanti


silver set


If you want a distinctive note of elegance and sobriety for the personal items used daily in your bathroom, this set with a classic design in which the woven pattern is printed on a metal surface is the best choice you can make. The silver set contains a tumbler, soap-dish, toothbrush holder, lotion pump, tissue cover and a waste basket. The set costs $172, but each item also has its own individual price.


Special Effects Bath Accessories


glass set


If you want to feel like a true Hollywood star, always in the spotlight, surrounded by luxury and fame, choose the Special Effects Bath Accessory Set! Another advantage is that it is very easy to clean and maintain, all this at a very convenient price – $52.95 for the whole set. The items can also be ordered separately.


Croscill Spa Leaf Shower Curtain and Bath Accessories By Croscill

 floral set

A classic, elegant set with a minimalist leaf and floral model. The combination of white and navy blue gives the room that fresh and clean impression every bathroom should have. The tumbler, soap dish, toothbrush holder, cotton jar and lotion bottle are stoneware, while the tray wastebasket and tissue cover are made of wood. Items price varies between $12.99 (soap dish) and $34.99 (wastebasket).


Dimension Ceramic Bath Accessory Set by Moda


ceramic set


Conceived with intelligence and imagination, this bold and extremely practical accessory set is perfect for the modern bathroom. Each item has a futurist geometrical shape which is painted in white and another powerful colour – red, blue, orange or olive. Eco-friendly people will love it – it’s made of ceramic. Total price: US $40.


Adventure Resin bath accessory set by Moda


resin set


This particular set made of a very special material (resin), decorated with scenes from the safari wildlife transposes you in the adventurous atmosphere of the equatorial African jungle. The resin colour and translucent texture are the perfect support for the printed images. The set consists of a toothbrush holder, Soap dish, Tumbler, Lotion and Waste basket and costs US$129.00.


Adventure Resin Bath Accessory by Moda


resin bath set


A resin ensemble which easily accessories any bathroom. Beautiful, elegant and easy to clean, the set is at the same time very useful as it contains a tray for leaving your jewelry or watch while you take a bath. For US $95 you will also get a tumbler, soap dish, toothbrush, holder and lotion holder.


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