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7 Beautiful Glass Lavatory Sinks for Your Bathroom

Gorgeous glass lavatories can turn the otherwise mundane landscape of your bathroom into a fabled decor. Whether they are transparent, playful colored or have a stained glass texture, glass basins are exciting enough to change the entire ambiance of your bathroom.


Bring raw nature into your home with the Antilia lavatory from Kohler. Crafted from cast glass, it has the shifting fluidity appearance of a frozen lake. It will integrate perfectly in a modern bathroom giving it a note of elegance and luxury.




This shell-shaped lavatory made of free-formed glass is both graceful and resistant. The reflected light will give it royal shades of crystal-mauve, making your friends turn purple of envy. Available at Oceana's Art Vessel.



If you lack space but you don't lack style, the Spunn Glass Vessels lavatory from Kohler is a great choice. Narrow enough to fit practically anywhere, with no countertop but lots of spice, this petite basin's bright color and handcrafted appearance make it a very desirable piece!

Is it a UFO? Is it a satellite? No, it's the Galaxy Fire Red Glass Vessel Sink from Kraus!  Its futuristic design and bold color palette gives an ultra modern feel to your bathroom.The red-fire color is sure to fill you up with energy from the first hours of the day!


Feel the breeze of the ocean just by looking at this lavatory! With its bright blue crystal-like particles, the Aqua Ice Above Counter Basin offers a refreshing look and feel.




Borrowing his color from the Sun, gold was the most valued metal for the pharaos, kings, dukes and all the people with an important status in every Era. It still continues to fascinate all of us a to confer class and style to anyone who uses it. So if you like to have that elegance in every corner of your house, go with this Champagne Gold lavatory for your bathroom. Available at Oceana for $420.





If you prefer hand-made things, than you can choose a beautiful hand-blown lavatory, like the ones made by glass artist Raymond Nelson. Expressing his feelings through artwork, he succeeds to create unique, special pieces of art that are sure to find their place into your home. This delicate, purple basin is a good fit for both a modern or a traditional bathroom.




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