Stylish Towel Racks for Your Modern Bathroom

Bathroom towel racks are among the rarely thought about items even if they are so functional and can improve the way a bathroom space looks. So, when you consider having your bathroom built or renovated, you should choose some quality towel racks in order to brighten up this space and make it more functional. Here are some tips for you to use in order to choose the perfect towel racks that match your bathroom décor. The first aspect you should consider is the way your towel racks will be attached. For instance, you can go for towel racks that are mounted onto the bathroom door or walls with screws because this is likely to be your best bet. By choosing such towel racks, you will that wash cloths and towels are kept on a towel rack that remains securely in its place.

Towel rack by Bellacor

Next, you will have to consider the material from which your towel racks are made – you can choose from a wide range of metals, plastics and woods. For instance, if you want to have wood towel racks in your bathroom, go for the ones that can resist moisture damage and keep your towels in a perfect condition. Once you have chosen the right towel racks for your bathroom space, you will have to attach them in the place where they are most likely to work best for your family. In order to get better results, you should secure them in a position that is easily accessible. For instance, you can have a towel rack installed right near your bath tub or shower and another rack installed near your bathroom sink.

Towel rack by CharlestonForge

The latest trend in towel racks is the heated towel rack – this type of rack is designed to immediately dry the wet facecloth or towel in about 30 minutes. Such racks are to be used in order to keep your towels cozy and warm until having them removed from your bathroom for washing. Heated towels racks use less energy than normal light bulbs. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Also, they come with an illuminated on-off switch.

Heated towel rack by Amba

Heated towel racks are designed to provide increased versatility as they can be used in portable free standing units. Also, they can be mounted on the bathroom walls with just a minimal installation – their installation will depend of your available plug-ins and the size of your bathroom space. Heated towel racks come with an 8/9-foot power cord that is necessary for 120v AC. Also, they have a right or left entry under 80 watts. Some of the most popular finishes for such heated towel racks include polished brass, satin nickel and chrome and each of these finishes comes with various types of wall displays.

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