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Bathroom Medicine Cabinets


Every homeowner is interested to have quality cabinets in his bathroom space as they are really good for holding toiletries, linen and other fanciful bathroom items. Such bathroom cabinets can be free standing of the bathroom floor or they can be attached to the walls. Sometimes, such cabinets can have special purposes and this is the case with the bathroom medicine cabinet.


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Afina Broadway Double Door Frameless Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Optional Mounting Hardware


A quality medicine cabinet is indispensable for every bathroom space and its main priority is to hold all the medicines behind the bathroom mirror. By using a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, you will be able to keep your medicines safe from children and moisture and accessible as soon as someone needs them. For instance, you can go for a bathroom medicine cabinet that has 3, 2 or juts one door – keep in mind that the more doors your medicine cabinet has, it takes up even more space. Basically, the medicine cabinet design hasn’t changed too much but you will be amazed to discover the wide range of styles and sizes that are already available on the market.


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Afina Wilshire I Large Medicine Cabinet with FREE Magnifying Mirror


For instance, you can go for the traditional medicine cabinet that is shaped like a box – this type of medicine cabinet is built right in the bathroom wall near the sink. Also, you may go for medicine cabinets that are installed on the counter top or you can make your medicine cabinet become a part of your bathroom shelving unit that is usually installed right above the toilet tank. Medicine cabinets can also come as a part of the freestanding pieces of bathroom furniture – thus way, they can serve as linen cabinets as well. Bathroom medicine cabinets come in different materials. For instance, you may go for traditional medicine cabinets made of metal or glass or you can go for more elaborate designs made of wood.


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Elite Home Fashions Madison Avenue Dark Medicine Cabinet


Corner medicine cabinets can be used as well in order to save extra bathroom space. Such medicine cabinets are to be considered when your bathroom is smaller and you really need to consolidate every single spare inch your bathroom has. Medicine cabinets can also come fully equipped with electricity – they can have their own lighting fixtures that are usually attached to their surface. Also, mirrors can be a part of the medicine cabinet design – usually, they are properly hardwired in order to provide a necessary area that will not be prone to fogging up even if your bathroom is the steamiest place ever. For instance, mirrored medicine cabinets or beveled mirror cabinets that come with brass or brushed nickel frames are to be considered if you want to go for a contemporary look for your bathroom space.      


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Kohler Aluminum 20" x 26" Medicine Cabinet with Oil Rubbed Bronze Framed Mirror Door



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