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5 Reasons To Install Radiant Heating In Your Bathroom Floor

You’ve just enjoyed a fantastic hot shower after a long day at work and step out onto the tiles – they’re freezing! The colder months of the year in particular can be a trigger for uncomfortably cold hard floors. When choosing the right heating system for your bathroom, why not consider radiant floor heating? Here are some great reasons why.


Radiant floor heating is very efficient as heat travels upwards from the lowest point possible without the need for vents or air circulation. There are no worries about sitting close to the heater or having hot air floating in the roof only. Wattage used in electric radiant heat systems is minimal, with energy output not usually exceeding 12 watts per square foot. Best of all, heating time is very fast so you don’t need to wait around for the heat to kick in. Many people choose to use radiant heat throughout the whole home in order to lower total energy costs. Hydronic systems are generally more efficient for large-scale homes or commercial buildings than other types of heating. You may even feel the need to turn down the temperature on the thermostat for the rest of the house knowing that your feel will be warm in the bathroom. For some more information about the differences between electric and hydronic radiant systems, have a look at “Heated floor systems for your bathroom: Hydronic v. Electric”.

This bathroom has been installed with radiant heat from Danish company Danfoss


Unlike many other conventional heating systems, electric radiant heating systems do not make any noise. Hydronic systems may make a little bit of operating sound, however both systems will keep your home cosy and peaceful.

3.Longevity and low maintenance

Expect your radiant heating system to last for over 25 years in full use. Electric systems need almost no maintenance if installed correctly. Hydronic systems will need the boiler and pump checked reasonably regularly.

4.Great for allergy sufferers

As radiant heating systems do not use any kind of air circulating machines like many room heaters do, allergy sufferers will be free from many air-borne allergens such as dust and pollen. Forced air generally dries out skin and irritates sensitive skin, making radiant heat the sure-fire option for sensitive or allergy-prone people.


Even though radiant heat does require a new operating system in your bathroom, this system is quite easy to install with thermostat at your fingertips. Electric systems use flexible wires that can fit into a bathroom of any shape.




Pre-wired mats are available to make installation a dream – look at this Danfoss radiant heat mat. It can be installed before you tile your bathroom or even over the top of your existing tiles with a floor height raise of only 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch.

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