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Illuminated Ideas for Bathroom Mirrors


Look at the mirror in a new light – make one the centre piece of your bathroom. There are so many designs available from a number of manufacturers including UK bathroom company HIB. This company is on the forefront of lighting technology, making it possible for you to purchase creatively lit mirrors.

It is important to have effective lighting around your vanity and mirror in your bathroom as this is where make-up is applied and faces are shaved – a place where you need great lighting.

LED and fluorescent lights have been utilized to create illusions within your mirror, create fantastic patterned designs or simply light up your face effectively at the vanity. Modern and traditional looks can be mastered if you choose the right style for your bathroom.

HIB has a number of great lighted mirrors that incorporate great design. For example the Fjord illuminated mirror is a practical product for the average bathroom with three lights with glass shades. A modern design that makes a subtle statement such as this one can suit almost any bathroom and effectively illuminate the vanity area.

HIB have created the Fjord mirror - traditional Hollywood style with a modern twist


The Future mirror created by HIB is a design that has mastered the futuristic look. Not only does this mirror light your face for up-close and personal pampering, it looks like a modern i-Phone or similar touch screen device that is in vogue today.



The Future - a wonderful science-fiction style of illuminated mirror by HIB

For a more traditional glamor mirror try this large, round back-lit mirror with chrome frame. The fluorescent light within is operated by a retro pull cord. This mirror style is perfect for those people who love to spend time analyzing and pampering their faces.

Fluorescent tubes such as the one used in the Pico will give you great value for money as they are very economical. The average fluorescent tube will last for around 10 000 hours meaning that if you use it for two hours a day it will last you for over 13 years.



Spot your faults with this well-lit mirror, the Pico by HIB

The HIB Odyssey mirror is an amazing tribute to optical illusions and creativity.  The mirror is frameless with a three-dimensional effect; golden LEDs seem to span out to infinity as you look at the mirror.




Lights that go on forever - HIB's Odyssey mirror with dozens of LEDs framing the inside of the mirror


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