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Effective and elegant bathroom vanity lighting may be accomplished by using various sizes, styles and types of light fixtures. Vanity lighting can come either directly from a combination of fixtures or only from one lighting fixture, depending on your current lighting needs in the bathroom space. Pendants, ceiling, sconces, vanity strips and recessed are among the most popular light fixtures you can use for your bathroom space. Some of the bathroom light fixtures are designed to be task oriented while others are designed to provide general lighting for your basic vanity tasks.


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Ty Fobare - L0203-CH - St. Remy Bathroom Collection in Chrome

Bathroom vanity lights may come in simple or very elaborate styles. So, if you are interested to get a very elaborate look for your bathroom space, you should go for a candelabra vanity. This type of lighting vanity may come in various styles that include dropping. Candelabra vanity can be hanged right in the center of the bathroom ceiling or on the bathroom wall. If you are interested to purchase an effective candelabrum vanity for your bathroom, you should choose the right type by paying attention to the bathroom area that will require this type of lighting.

For instance, you may not want to have a large dropping candelabra right in the center because it will overshadow your whole place. Candelabra vanity is designed to cast some very warm hues and you can achieve the maximum effect by choosing the right type of light bulbs and by providing this type of vanity with some frosted glass covers. If you want to choose from the available candelabra wall options, you will provide your bathroom space with an upward light that offers a genuine feeling of calmness and warmth.


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Murray Feiss - P1098GBZ - Fusion Pendant in Grecian Bronze

Another choice you can have when looking for the right vanity lighting for your bathroom space is the so-called brushed bronze vanity. By choosing this type of vanity, you will provide your bathroom space with a distinguish feel. Also, you can combine this type of vanity lighting with rich and dark colors in order to create a very sophisticated atmosphere. But if you aren’t looking for such a sophisticated style, you can tone down all the colors in order to get light pastels or warmer earth tones – they can truly lighten up your bathroom space thus providing a more country like environment.


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Progress Lighting - P2780-109 - Milia Vanity Light in Brushed Bronze

If you are interested to provide your bathroom space with some brighter tones, you may go for a brushed brass vanity, especially if you truly love its shiny and polished appearance. The light coming from such a brushed brass vanity is going to provide your bathroom with a sharper appearance. Once you pair this type of vanity with some quality brass fixtures, your bathroom will become a more elegant space. Also, you can tone down in the used colors in order to get a much more modern appearance for this space.


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Elk Lighting Georgian Court Four Light Vanity Light in Antique Brass and Dark Umber


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