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6 Practical Bathroom Ceiling Fans
Bathroom fans are a must. They help extract the shower steam and moisture so you don’t end up with a moldy bathroom.There are a variety of ceiling exhaust fans you can purchase ranging from single fans units to fan and light units.

Airflow fan

For a simple ceiling fan try the Airflow Icon 15 Fans. They have a range of options when it comes to operating the fan. It can be switched on or off by a simple pull cord or you can set a timer or it can be set to turn on automatically when you enter the bathroom through infra-red technology. It also comes with self-installation instructions. Retailing at £29.70.

Humidistat fan

Humidistat ceiling fans are becoming popular. They operate by a sensor located in the fan. This detects the level of humidity in the room and will switch on when the humidity of the room rises, typically from a shower being turned on. And will run until the humidity levels drop. The sensor can be turned off and you can operate the unit through a switch. This fan is designed by Epic Air and it is recessed into the ceiling so you don’t have a bulky looking unit. Priced at £123.45 and can be self-installed as it has an easy to use “screw fixing” design.


Designed by Songri, this is the Songri Bathroom Ceiling Whisper Stainless Steel Exhaust Fan. It is extremely quiet whilst in operate that you may even forget to turn it off. Priced at AUD$55.00 and can be delivered worldwide.

Fan light

Combine your ceiling fan with your bathroom lighting. This fan is created by Broan and is one of many fan/light units they have to offer. It comes in a satin nickel finish and can be purchased for US$153.00.


Nutone have created this ceiling fan and light unit. The light and fan can be operated independently or together. It can be purchased through the Home Click website that has it priced at US$74.75.

Enviro Fan

Introducing the Enviro Fan. This ceiling exhaust fan will not increase your power bill as it is driven on water. When you turn on your shower the water first runs through the fan turbine to drive the fan and then the water comes out of your shower rose. It operates like any normal electric fan and it will turn off automatically when you turn your shower off. The downfall of this product is that it need 13litres/minute to operate but ‘water saving’ shower heads only use 9litres/minute (so you need to debate if you would prefer to save water or power). Retails at AUD$92.50.

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